Machine Vision Illumination

Bar Illumination Series

Light irradiation angle can be adjusted,multiple light sources can be combined
LED high-density arrangement,high brightness,color is optional

Surface Illumination Series

High-density led,uniformity is good
Variety of product specifications for selection,easy to customize

Coaxial Illumination Series

Advanced coating technology,reducing light loss
Special cooling structure,improve stability and extend the work life

Point Illumination Series

Large power LED,small size,high bright light
Compact size,easily for assembly

Ring Illumination Series

Color is optional,to meet different requiements.
No shadow,providing high-quality image.

PMS-PI Illumination Adapter Series(White)

Short-circuit protection Grade display
Manual control RS232 control

PMS-PI Illumination Adapter Series(Black)

Short-circuit protection Grade display
Manual control RS232 control


Beam Diameter:35mm Optional Color:R/G/B/W
Length:111.5mm Width:45mm Height:62.39mm


Beam Diameter:60mm Optional Color:R/G/B/W
Length:171.5mm Width:73mm Height:92mm


Beam Diameter:100mm Optional Color:R/G/B/W
Length:235.5mm Width:116mm Height:147.5mm


Beam Diameter:100mm
Outer Diameter:124mm Optional Color:R/G/B/W


Beam Diameter:60mm
Outer Diameter:72mm Optional Color:R/G/B/W


Beam Diameter:35mm Length:121.16mm
Outer diameter:43.5mm Optional Color:R/G/B/W